December 14, 2009

for me, for you, for all of us... for good.

assalamualaikum semua.. intipati hari ni jat dapat dari forwarded email from a friend of mine.. kita sebagai manusia memang sentiasa lalai.. apetah lagi bila syaitan dah berjanji nak menyesatkan anak Adam. apa yang baik, kita jadikan pengajaran, insyaALLAH.. so let's share this message together-gether! read til da last point ya..


I woke up suddenly one night and saw a strange light in my room... The problem is that the lights are off. I saw the clock, it was 3.30 in the morning. Okay... so where is this light coming from??

I turned around and saw something very strange.. My body was half way through the wall!?? I immediately pulled it out and sat down to see if I am okay.

This is strange... I tried to push onto the wall, but MY ARM GOES THROUGH.

I heard a sound. I turned to my brother's bed to see him sleeping. I was really scared of what was happening to me... so I tried to wake him up... but... he didn't reply!!

I went to my parents' bedroom.. I tried to wake up my mother and father. I just wanted somebody to react to me...

But nobody did.

I tried to wake up my mother again... she woke up this time... My mother got up but she didn't communicate to me. She was saying,

"In the name of ALLAH, most Merciful, most Gracious.."
(بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم)

again and again...

She woke my dad up saying,

"Get up, man. I want to check up on the kids,"

My dad replied in disinterest,

"It's not time for this. Let me sleep and insyaALLAH tomorrow I'll get to that.."

But my mother was insisting... so he woke up.

I was THERE. I was screaming.

"Dad.. Mum.."

Nobody was replying.

I held my mother's clothes to grab her attention. But she didn't recognize my existence. I followed her till she got to my bedroom. My father and mother got into the room and turned on the lights...

It wasn't making any difference to me anyway because there was a strong light there. I then saw the strangest thing in my life...

My OWN BODY... on my bed!

I was trembling. How can there be two of me??! How can that person look so much like me??! and what is he doing on my bed???

I started hitting and slapping myself to wake up from this nightmare... but it was too real to be a nightmare.

Dad said,

"Yalla, see this kids are sleeping. Let's go back to bed."

But mother wasn't at all confident. She went to the sleeping person on my bed and said,

"Khalid, wake up! wake up!"

But he didn't reply.

She tried again and again... but no reply.

Then I turned to see my dad tearing. Today witnesses the first time in my life that I have seen my dad's tears. The place was shaking with the screaming.

My brother woke up.

"What's going on??!"

In a very sad tone, with tears rolling down her cheek, mother replied,

"your brother's dead! Khalid is DEAD!!"

I went to my mother and said,

"Please mum... Don't cry. I'm right here. Look at me!"

But nobody's replying to me... WHY??

I turned to ALLAH and asked HIM to wake me up from the nightmare! Quickly following my doa was a voice saying,

"You were in negligence from this, so We uncovered the blinds and today your sight is (like iron)," (Quran)

لقد كنت في غفلة من هذا فكشفنا عنك غطاءك فبصرك اليوم حديد

Suddenly two creatures held my arm . They weren't human!

"Leave me ALONE! Who are you and what do you want from me??"

"We're your grave's guards,"

I said,

"But I'm not dead yet! Let go of me!!"

I can still see, hear, touch and speak.. I am not dead! They replied with a smile,

"You humans are fascinating! You think that by dying your life ends, while in fact on earth is a small dream compared to the hereafter. A dream that ends at your death."

They started pulling me towards my grave... On the way, I saw people just like me. Each has two guards like mine. Some were smiling, others crying, others screaming. I asked the guards,

"Why are they all doing that?"

They replied,

"These people now know their fate. Some were in ignorance so they-"

"- so they go to hell??!" I interrupted.

They said,


and continued...

"and those laughing are going to Heaven."

I quickly replied,

"What about me? Where will I go??"

They said,

"You were at times a good Muslim, while other times not. One day you obey ALLAH, the next day you disobey HIM. And you weren't clear with yourself and your fate will remain so, lost."

I replied, shaking,


They said,

"ALLAH's mercy is great, and the journey is long,"

I turned to see my family carrying my dead body in a coffin so I ran to them.. I said,

"Make doa for me,"

But nobody replied... I went to my brother and warned him,

"Be careful with what you do in this life. Don't be a fool like myself!"

I was really hoping that he could hear me...

The two angels (guards) tied up my soul on top of my body.. I saw my relatives pouring sand over me.. At that moment I was hoping that I would be in their place...

That I can turn to ALLAH and do as much as HE wants from me...

That I would ask for forgiveness and once and for all repent my sins that angered HIM..

But unfortunately I couldn't. I shouted,

"People, don't let this life tempt you! Wake up to the truth. One day you will DIE, and you never know when.. or how.."

I hoped for somebody to hear me... Nobody there did.

But YOU heard me...

Save yourself. Smile to others, forgive them when you have the power to punish them. ALLAH forgives those that forgive others. Do your prayers regularly with an open heart. Let ALLAH guides your life, not satan. Read the Quran regularly and let the Prophet (peace be upon him) be your role model in life. Work in this time life for your salvation in an eternal one..



  1. assalamualaikum akak...

    really useful...
    thanks akak for sharing...

  2. tqvm jat....satu peringatan supaya kita tidak terus lalai di bumi Allah s.w.t ini...
    ...harap jat benarkan saya copy yek...spy dpt dipanjang2kan ingatan ini...thanks again..

  3. salam. thanks for sharing, mintak izin copy ye..

  4. salam..
    very meaningfull..
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  5. fiqah, sharing is caring dear.. =)

    misz nana, az, faten, anon.. all

    ya sure.. tugas manusia sbg khalifah dkt muka bumi ni.. mmg untuk dipanjang-panjangkan peringatan yg baik, insyaALLAH.. jat sendiri kopipes dr fwded email after all.. =)

  6. tqvm...mintk izin copy leh